The Dirty Secret Behind Candles

Candles are one of the most basic necessities for any apartment, house, or office. As innocent as a warm scented candle might seem, they sure do hide many secrets.  Diane Walsh Astry, an executive director for the American Lung Association education project at St. Paul Minnesota, said that “candles are becoming one of the most common unrecognized causes of poor indoor air quality”.

For now, candle companies are not required in the U.S to announce their ingredient lists on the labels. Most modern day candles are made out of paraffin wax, including some of the most beloved brands like Yankee Candle. Paraffin is a form of distillation from petroleum (refined petroleum is fuel, just the same as gasoline or diesel). What this means is, burning this substance burns additional fossil fuels into the atmosphere, AND toxic carcinogens into our lungs. Breathing in a burning candle today is equivalent to directly inhaling diesel fuel, or second hand smoke.

From Yankee Candle’s Facebook Page

Not only do most candles contain dangerous wax, but they contain artificial scents and dyes releasing even more chemicals into the air when burned. Click here to learn more about synthetic scents.

SO, what can you use??

Luckily there are some great alternatives to use that smell just as yummy! 

One of those alternatives is beeswax! Beeswax candles are good because they generate a ton of negative ions and help reduce indoor air pollution. Negative ions are a fact of life, some say that these ions are like the vitamins of the air. Negative ions are known to be air purifiers and increase overall psychological and physical health.  

Another great, and easily accessible type of candle is soy. Soy candles are good because they are plant-based and burn clean without releasing toxicity like paraffin. A soy candle tends to last longer, and burn cleaner than a standard candle. Soy is also a biodegradable and renewable resource, just like beeswax.

My E-Tips

These tips are links to safer alternatives you can buy online! When buying candles from local craft fairs, or soap shops make sure you ask what is in those candles. Enjoy my eco-friendly candle alternatives.

> Beeswax birthday candles on Amazon, super inexpensive and naturally derived product to top on anyone’s birthday treat!

> There are tons of varying products on Amazon just by simply typing in soy or beeswax candles into the search bar but the Chesapeake Bay Driftwood and Amber scent is by far my favorite.

> Pure Living space offers both soy and beeswax candles with some fun & relaxing scents.

> Yes, You Candle.. a unique approach to hand-poured naturally derived soy candles. Bianchi Candle Co. and The Wild Worksmen are all available on the same site, and are all soy candles made in the U.S

> Blue Corn Beeswax candles are aromatherapy candles, and hand-crafted from Colorado! They offer a bunch of different styles and are sold on their website and also sold through amazon.

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Dangers of Synthetic Scents Include Cancer, Asthma, Kidney Damage and More

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