Abbey’s Green Smoothie

When I’m in need of smoothie inspiration, I utilize the best search engine known to man to find nonsense… I genuinely don’t want to know how they found this recipe, I want the ingredients. So, naturally here are the ingredients…. with a side note. In my post I mentioned I would share one of my favorite smoothie recipe’s. If I am going to be honest, I eye-ball everything rather than taking the time in the morning to measure everything out… If you are concerned about the amount, send me a message and ask! I would be happy to find out for you.

First, you’ll need some sort of blender, I use a Nutri-bullet most of the time. Next, you’ll need the ingredients below!

  • Ingredients
    • Handful Spinach
    • One Frozen Banana ( or unfrozen you can add a few ice cubes )
    • Choice of Nut Milk ( I prefer cashew or almond in smoothies )
    • A Nice Scoop Peanut butter ( or almond butter )
    • Spoonful of Ground Chia or Flax Seeds
    • Spoonful of Pumpkin Seeds
    • Pinch of Cinnamon
    • Maca or Cacao powder is optional for chocolatey flavor

Add the ingredients into the blender and wait to turn it off until it runs pretty smoothly, you don’t want any chunks!

Creamy, smooth, and full of packed nutrients to kick off your day! Enjoy (:

Don’t forget to repost!!!!

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