What’s the big deal? It’s just ONE straw.

bamboo straws

Said a possible seven billion other people on the planet. But seriously, what is the big deal with straws? The World Watch Institute claims that straw use could circle the earth two and a half times every 24 hours. Imagine flying Americans alone go through 500 million straws a day!

Historically, straws were first created out of gold, then grass, then paper, and now plastic. In the 50’s and 60’s paper straws suffered a slow death with the rise of plastic ones which served to be more durable.

Most plastic straws are made out of petroleum-based plastic and are NOT biodegradable when disposed into the environment. This means, every single plastic straw that was ever invented and used still exists somewhere. The straw breaks down, but never fully degrades away. The plastics break down into micro-plastics that get swallowed by marine life (WATCH THIS). Plastics have been a problem for centuries, this video is from 2012. Animals are eating plastic and for those of you who eat animals, you are probably eating them as well.

Scientists estimate that there could be as many as 7 million plastic straws scattered in oceans and on beaches.

E-tips to say no to straws

When going out to eat in restaurants, remind yourself to say no to straws as much as you can. Every straw makes a difference.

Don’t add straws into soda cans, or bottles. It isn’t “boujee”, it’s wasteful.

Buy a reusable straw! There are so so so many options. SO many options that are not a plastic straw. Recently I discovered this bracelet straw, you don’t have to carry around anything more than a little band on your wrist. Here are several other options to use other than reusable straws!

The final straw Collapsable style straws

Strawlets Straw bracelets

Urban Outfitters Steel straw style set

Amazon stainless steel Straws with cleaning brush

Bamboo Straws My favorite! Bamboo is biodegradable (:

Paper Straws Still Biodegradable and easily disposable

Hay Straws These straws are created out of hay, yes HAY

Please repost, share, send to your friends, and remember not to SAY NO to straws, and plastic as much as you can (:

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