Pulling the Plug

The Torch

When was the last day you didn’t see something online or through media about the ways in which we are destroying our natural environment?

The closer we are connected with technology, the further disconnected we are with the environment. As amazing as technology is, bringing anyone from anywhere to be connected at any time, it is part of the reason people don’t care about the destruction of our natural world. Our production and consumption of resources is exemplified by our manipulation of our natural surroundings. We don’t own nature. Talk about an abusive relationship, we are causing global catastrophe’s, we are driving out entire species to extinction, and are in the process of ruining our own.. Nature does not exist for us, nature exists for herself and herself alone.

The reason I say technology is part of our own destruction is because of the ways that we become disconnected from our surroundings. It isn’t just limited to nature. Everyone is constantly plugged in. We are unconscious of what’s going on beyond our screens. I wonder sometimes if people would even notice if the bird’s stopped chirping, because everyone is always listening to something on headphones.

We need to plug back in to the world around us.

My E-tips for this, are simple.

Put your phone down when you’re with your friends, don’t take those people for granted. Be present and embrace the fact that you are alive in this world.

Get some fresh air! Go on a hike, or at the very least, a walk outside. Take a look around, you’ll see and find trash everywhere you go. It’s in the trees, on the ground, in the oceans, on the beaches, it’s everywhere. Even if you aren’t choosing to pick it up, you are noticing how polluted our world is becoming. That pollution is right in our own backyards, affecting us every day. It’s estimated that over 100 million animals die every year due to litter, that includes marine and land animals.

Unplug, literally! Energy in our homes mostly comes from fossil fuels. Unplugging your devices legitimately reduces your carbon emissions, energy demand, and your electric bills $$$$!

Unwilling to switch anything up?Follow, Follow, Follow. These are 20 earthly educating Instagrams that you can follow. Even if you just follow one account, it can turn mindless scrolling into some awareness. I only have some suggestions here for instagram, mostly because I usually don’t use other forms of social media that often! Just copy and paste the @ to see what all these pages are about!





















As always, thank you so much for reading and repost! Share! and subscribe (:

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