Reusing Soup Cans

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This is why you should re-use your soup cans, recycle them when you can’t, and keep AVOIDING plastics.

Aluminum has it’s upsides and downsides. It requires a lot of heavy machinery and enough land to mine from. In the surrounding mining areas, plant and animal life is immediately affected. However, the impact is semi-balanced because of the efficient recycling process that comes from re-using this source.

Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials. They are, in fact, 100% recylable. Aluminum cans can be used in the making of cars, new aluminum cans, kitchen utensils, and plane parts!

Aluminum is better than plastic in the ways in which it can be recycled, however it requires a lot more energy to produce this product vs. plastic. Aluminum requires more energy, which in turn produces more of a carbon footprint. It produces around 18% more tonnes of CO2 in comparison with plastic. However plastics can be super hard to recycle. Certain types of plastic cannot be mixed with others, each type is actually shown on the bottom of the item with numbers. Each number represents a different chemical which melts at different temperatures. If you had a #1 that melts at let’s just say 100 degrees, and a #7 that melts at 250, they would melt differently and cause havoc in the recycling process.

Re-use those cans!

I keep preaching, but up-cycling is way more important than re-cycling. This encourages people to be mindful of the products they use, and to get creative! This is probably one of the easiest things that you could do for yourself as a college kid, or anyone anywhere who uses canned goods. I buy canned goods several ways, I use coconut milk, canned beans, and soups.

Soup has become a necessity this winter. It’s cheap, and I can store it forever in my cabinet until I am in need of something quick and healthy. I have been buying Amy’s Chunky Vegetable soup because it is organic, free from preservatives, and vegan! It also is not as high in sodium. Cambell’s soup can have upwards of 1400 mg of salt, Amy’s has 280 mg. 0:

Regardless of what canned foods you are using, you can give them extra life with my E-tips here.

  1. Start using them as cups! Maybe you are like me, and you think about how often we throw away those red solo cups at parties, but you also don’t want to clean up after a bunch of drunk kids. Red solo cups seem easier…Right? Well you could save up your aluminum cans and use them for the party. Either wash them to use again, or recycle them. This way they weren’t just simply used once and thrown away.
  2. Use them as plant holders. My roommate just got flowers for Valentine’s day so we put them in a Tito’s bottle as well as an aluminum can on our counter top! The roses still flourish just as beautiful as if they were in a clear vase.
  3. Decorate them! Pinterest offers tons of ways to get crafty with those cans to make them more -aesthetic-
  4. Use them as a make-up brush holder!
  5. Use them as cups, aside from the party. I use them for my smoothies and juices, I use them just like I would any other cup and it works just as great!

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