Reef Safe Sunscreen


With spring break steam rolling around the corner, and college students fleeing to beaches worldwide… There is something that MUST be said about sunscreen.

Many conventional sunscreen’s today cause a lot of harm, killing off and damaging our coral in the oceans. When you wear sunscreen in the ocean, it comes off and leaches into the water and marine environment.

Despite coral looking like an inanimate rock, it is very much alive. Watch this National Geographic video on Coral Reefs.

These ingredients in the sunscreen dissolve in the ocean and threaten marine life, they sink and become part of the ocean sediment.

Sunscreen can affect other marine life as well. In dolphins, the sediment can accumulate in their tissue and deform and potentially kill them. It can decrease fertility in dozens of other fish species as well, rendering them unable to reproduce.

The studies performed have proven since 2013 that several chemicals in conventional sunscreen are harmful for coral and other marine life, yet it is still allowed to be used. Luckily there are tons of alternatives that keep your skin, and reefs safe!

Still today, there are no federal regulation’s on what companies can advertise as reef-safe. They could be falsely marketing the product, which is why the ingredients list is SO important. Some of the main coral killers are Oxybenzone, or BP-3, Octinoxate, Benzophenone-2, or BP-2. This list I put together is the best list of reef safe brands I could find! There are tons of options with sprays, creams, lotions that protect against UV rays, are the recommended SPF, and non-toxic.

E-tips for Reef Safe Sunscreen

All of these can be found on Amazon, but I added some of their websites so you can see what their message and company is all about.

Raw Element’s Sunscreen (SPF 30) Tin moisturizer, reusable and recyclable!!

Zero Waste Store (SPF 50) Vegan beach or mountain protection, PLASTIC FREE

Babo Botanicals is (SPF 30) Ultra sheer, lightweight, hypoallergenic mineral sunscreen

Butterbean (SPF 30) This product is 100% compostable and great for travel

Coola Mineral Sun Silk Crème (SPF 30) Plant sourced protection, creams, sprays, etc…

Love Sun Body (SPF 50) Made in the U.S, a clean, plant based alternative

Honest Mineral Sunscreen Spray (SPF 30) water resistant, mineral based

Sun Bum Face Lotion (SPF 50) Vegan, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, matte finish

Raw Love (SPF 30) Mineral based & reef safe!

Like, Share, Repost!!! But more importantly, remind your friends to buy the right sunscreen this spring break. Have fun, and safe travels xoxoxo

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