All That Glitters

This post only seemed right, seeing that my birthday is coming up.

Birthdays are a fact of life, but an essential ingredient in many of those party’s come in tiny shimmering form; glitter!

Glitter is another form of micro-plastics.

Micro-plastics are everywhere from the air we breathe to the food we eat. The plastic bits have reached our highest mountains and deepest oceans. Fish and birds digest them, and collect in their stomachs often killing them from starvation.

Much of the time these micro fibers are from items being broken down when leached into the environment. Plastic trash is more than just a problem. This month I took on a personal challenge to go out every day, no more than two miles from my house, and every single day I fill a bag with plastic bottles, cans, cigarette butts ( which also contain plastic) etc.. That radius falls in a moderately busy suburban area in central Pennsylvania.

Plastic never fully breaks down and today it is estimated that more than 8 trillion bits hit oceans every day. Using glitter adds to this pollution. When you think of these plastic bits though, you might imagine broken down bottles and jugs but it is much more than that. That is why I decided to talk about glitter.

Glitter is washed out plastic fine as grain. This type of plastic used in makeup and other cosmetics, holiday decorations, clothes, and party favors.

Luckily we live in a world where for every bad thing there are tons of good things. There is BIO-GLITTER! It is available on amazon, the package free shop, and this company who makes all sorts of colors.

Not only is it harmful when it finds its way into the animals of birds and fish, it hurts our bodies too. These tiny plastic particles are not even approved by the FDA! Micro beads were banned in July to be used in products but many glitters are made of plastic (still).

The plastic lifecycle is something entirely new to research and study because it is happening right now. I present this wonderfully put together article of facts that perfectly explain and aid in visualizing the problem.

Avoiding glitter is hard, but manageable if you are conscious of it. (:

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