Earth Day

I know everyone’s timeline is flooded with earth day posts and celebrations of all things nature, so I just had to join in.

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the first climate strikes. The streets were full of love and hope that in the future people might care about something more than themselves.

This post is all about ways that you can be more earth friendly in ANY walk of life. Being sustainable is not just about the environment, its about the people around you. It is about having community and justice for people and planet.

Things you should know

These 17 numbers represent the sustainable development goals set apart by the entire world who came together and signed the Paris Agreement in order to prevent climate catastrophe.

Although the government sucks at taking federal action against climate change, people are stepping up. I had the pleasure of attending a talk with Force Blue in January at Penn State. Their story is one that combines former special ops military men with coral reef restoration efforts to save our oceans. Check this out.

Businesses and individuals everywhere ARE taking action. All across the European continent, they organize Car Free Days to cut down on emissions. When I went to Barcelona for my spring break, it just so happened to be on one of those days. Barcelona is a huge city with over 5 million people. But as I walked around that day and saw all of the blocked off streets, I also saw people hanging around and having fun together outside instead of stuck bustling in the passing of cars.

The Zero Waste Store has become my hope and hero in business. They provide any and all things environmentally friendly and waste free. Even if you don’t know where to start when it comes to living more sustainably, they offer kits and tons of options that easily replace things that we use that are wasteful. That way, if you don’t like change, then you don’t have to they changed it for you.

The world seems more divided than ever before. Tension is high, but it’s exciting to be a part of something that matters. Some people choose to sit back and enjoy the ride, while others put the work into making something happen. Climate change IS a priority, and what makes me so ANGRY is the consistent ignorance of people’s inaction.

I feel like I am staring at the two roads diverged in yellow wood, and my government is choosing the one that is burning. There is no one to blame for the past, the only thing that matters is the future of what decisions happen next. I just hope that while we sit in our homes we choose to do better with the time we have.

Happy Earth Day Everyone! Get your a** outside (:

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