Waste Less

How can you waste less during the pandemic?

We are all driving less, but ordering way more on Amazon. I wanted to offer some simple switches that we can all try!

Switch your amazon account to ship less plastic to you!

  1. Make your Amazon orders PLASTIC-FREE
  • go to your account
  • click help
  • scroll down to contact us
  • start a chat with the customer service and request minimal plastic free packaging and boom!

It’s that easy and it will be saved into your account every time you order something. It only takes maybe 5 minutes.

2. Notice what kinds of products you buy at the grocery store

One of the best ways to acknowledge your usage is by writing it down. Next time you make it to the grocery store look into your cart and count how many of the items you have contain plastic.

A good way to stay away from plastic is to buy fruits and veggies! I know with the virus going on I acknowledge the struggles that people are facing in stocking up and having all of the necessary supplies. You can still observe and realize all of the plastic that is coming in and out of your life within a few weeks but lasts in the outside world forever.

3. Silicon and re-usable plastic bags for food storage

Reusables are in the market for everything nowadays. You can buy reusable ( and washable) silicon ziplock bags , reusable bags, and makeup removing pads!

If you have a product that is used once and then thrown away, there is most likely already a product out there that is reusable! Don’t knock it before you try it.

4. Be responsible with your money.

Your money is your vote with every product that you buy. If you continue to chose to buy from companies that mistreat the environment and aren’t sourcing their materials sustainably then that is your choice. There is an alternative for almost EVERYTHING today. If you have specific questions contact me!

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