Hello everyone! Just settling in to my newest home where I will spend my time working on a small organic farm in the North Shore of Hawaii!

The farm is entirely self-sufficient and sustainable… an off-the-grid, organic, 6-acre farm that sits in the foothills of the most magnificent mountain range- and the beach..? It couldn’t be closer.

It’s all about restoring the native land and the soil on the farm, originally almost all of the land here was used and abused to produce sugarcane.

This organic farm is regenerating an entire eco-system of biodiverse life. We compost, we up-cycle all the containers that we can (jars and buckets, you name it we probably are re-using it), then recycle the ones we cannot. The electricity on the farm is powered by solar panels directly on site, and the water is from the wells and pumped with our own systems on site as well.

What does it mean to be a part of sustainable agriculture? It means contributing to the better well-being of the environment, the economy, and the people. The environmental aspect is taken care of through the restorative processes used to boost the vitality of the land. More on this in my next post (;

The economy and people are supported in a strong rooted community working together both on and off the farm. We sell at the local farmers market, giving fresh & organic produce to anyone who chooses to buy from us. We also help run community supported agriculture where people can subscribe or become a member to get a farm box each week for a certain price.

The food is fresh, the people are great, and the sun is always shining here. I can’t wait to share more of this journey with all of you! Great things are happening. Please, please reach out with questions, I can’t wait to hear from all of you.

Like, subscribe, and SHARE!! Take care of yourselves, xo

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