Green Peace

In light of everything going on, I took some time to reflect on the original reason for me creating this blog. I started writing on this space to educate and lift up my small sphere of people that I influence and touch- in hopes that they might react to what I share and think to make greener decisions.

Greener solutions need to be sought after for all, and the transformation needs to be acknowledged and shared.

CLIMATE CHANGE does not affect all communities the same.

Yes, but not equally. 

Over 68% of African Americans live within a 30 mile radius of a coal fire power plant- disproportionately causing tons of heart and lung diseases and problems within those communities. 

56% of populations near toxic waste sites are people of color.

95% anti-pollution claims made by minority groups have been denied by the EPA.

People of color are two times more likely to have unsafe water and proper sanitation. 

Environmental justice is creating a reality where communities have an equal opportunity to get a fresh carton of blueberries just as easily as a happy meal. 

Opening up the conversation to environmental racism is going to be so important if we ever collectively want to move forward as a nation. As the ‘united and free’ people that we claim to be.

What does the future look like to me?

I see education and awareness as the first step. Right now, people are bringing an extreme amount of light to all of the systemic issues and driving forces behind them- profit in the elite’s pocket- I am tired of existing in a world where money and profit are put before people. 

FOSSILS are EXTINCT, I think that it is time we stop fueling ourselves with remnants of the past and begin expanding on a growing future. BUT HOW? How is it possible to make a difference when one individual cannot single handedly (no matter how many letters she writes) actually change the laws in place, or business structures that have held up for centuries.

We continue to try to put blame on the happening that is -climate change- instead of taking steps to mitigate or at least change ANYTHING. It is repulsive to me that leaders all over the world, specifically in this country, are so ignorant and in clear denial of climate change. Despite very clear evidence and warning signs being sounded all throughout the planet that she is struggling and life is dying. We saw the brief flicker of life return while the pandemic placed it’s foothold into our lives, a hard press on the breaks and gentle nudge of encouragement to wake up and SLOW down with our lives.

Not all blame can be placed so heavily on the leaders we see, change starts small. Never tell yourself that you cannot possibly make a difference. Stop seeking action through others and realize your potential to create change. One way of doing so is with your money. I cannot stress this enough… Use your dollar as your vote. Use. Your. Dollar. As. Your. Vote.

One more time for the people in the back…Use your dollar as your vote. Raising your awareness is possible given the amount of information available on this beautiful thing called the internet. Educate yourself on minimalism. Educate yourself about the companies you buy from…and who they support. CHOOSE not to buy from companies who mistreat animals, or employ prisoners for labor unfairly and without pay, or who support anti LGBTQ rights, or who give money to big oil corporations. Choose companies that source their materials sustainably, recognize that every single one of us wields the purchasing power and share into the marketplace of the world. If we stop buying, they stop making. The information is out there, so whatever you do choose to buy- buy wisely and ethically. Ask the questions and I am sure you will find the answers a lot easier than you might think. Ask questions like, do I know where this chocolate bar even came from? Do I know that the cacao beans used to make this sweet bar were fair trade, and not a by-product of child labor? What about the milk and sugar used to make it so sweet? Were the cows humanely raised and treated like animals, not like things? We are so far removed from the processes that unite us with the truth. We are enabled and privileged to be able to show up at a grocery store and have everything that we could ever want. With that power comes responsibility that a lot of people do not want anything to do with, why ask these questions when the immediate satisfaction of eating a chocolate bar is convenient and worthy of not questioning.

By questioning the reality of the environment that we ourselves in our small worlds live in we start to wake up to the larger picture. We need to take our power back as consumers and individuals and start purchasing from companies that are making the effort to sustainable change.

Be the change you want to see in the world ❤

Like, Share, and Repost as always! Spread love, and reach out with questions

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