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My whole life I have always cared about nature and the world around me. Nature is changing, and nature needs help. This website is the best way I can present all of my ideas regarding my passion: the future of this earth, my world, and every living thing in it. I want this blog to be an extension of myself, and my mark on the world.

We only have one planet, and the time is now for people everywhere to wake up. By combining my writing and photography skills, I am giving all of you ways to cut down your waste AND be more aware of how the products we are using affect everything in our world. Everyone needs to be more responsible, and we must change. I’m impatient, waiting for someone else to fix the problem has never been my style. This blog is my opportunity to have a voice in the matter, and influence anyone I can, even if it’s only two people.

Don’t hesitate to reach out! I take any, and all ideas. If you have a request for something I should write about, or a question on how you can incorporate my ideas into your life in another way Get In Touch with me (: I look forward to this journey with all of you. Thank you for visiting my site!

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