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Mint Detox Bath

What you will need!

Mint Leaves, Eucalyptus and/ or mint oil ( or your favorite oil, as long as it is topically safe!! ) Epsom Salts, and a Hot Rag.

Bath bomb’s are great, sure! But most common bath bombs contain toxic fragrances, and hormone disrupting chemicals that cause more harm than good. Or, just think about those sparkles going up your hoo-ha??????

What you are going to want to do is fill up the tub with hot water and slowly add in a cup of epsom salts and let them dissolve. When the water is high enough, add in 5-10 drops of your essential oil, then drop in your mint leaves.

Get your hot rag, dip it into the tub of water and string it out. Then lay the rag over your face for a bit while you relax into your tub. Turn on some tunes and boom, you have yourself a bath. IF you want some extra benefits from the mint, after 5 or so minutes with the rag on apply the leaves to your face and massage them in. Mint is like magic on the skin

Epsom salt is a great way to rid your body of any toxins and heavy metals that are in your cells. It is proven to help reduce stress and boost magnesium levels (which support a healthy immune system, promote strong bones & more.)

Mint is a soothing and refreshing herb when applied to the skin. It can brighten and even complexion and aid in removing blackheads (:

Food on Your Face

3 Step Oatmeal Facial cleanse!

Grind your oats in a blender to make a powder ( make sure the oats stay as dry as possible in storage) If you have plain oatmeal you can bend up those oats as well! I used this oatmeal to show how easy it is to make this mask, but I like to buy my oats in bulk and store them for other various uses.

Store the powder in a jar, and whenever you would like to create your cleanse mix a little in a bowl with water to create a paste.

Just like any other facial cleanse, apply it to a damp face in a circular motion. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before washing with a washcloth. 

I typically add in a pinch of cardamom when I am making my paste because, why not? Cardamom is a spice and smells incredibly refreshing. It is super similar to cinnamon, but not as strong in my opinion. Aside from the aromatics, cardamom acts as a skin purifier! It has anti-bacterial properties, and does a great job at clearing skin blemishes.

Check out this post to read 24 ways cardamom can improve your skin, hair, and health!

Clay Face Mask

I always make my own mud masks! My secret to making my favorite mask is using Bentonite clay powder. Scientists believe that it helps to absorb dirt and oil in skin. There are a few different brands, but I like the Indian Healing Brand that can be bought almost anywhere online or in stores like Target and Amazon.

How to make my face mask What you need: Bentonite Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, water, a bowl, a spoon, (optional: essential oils, medium paint brush)

1. 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

2. 1 tablespoon of filtered water

3. Add 1-1.5 tablespoons of the powder(pending on how thick you want your mask) Eyeball it and play around with the measurements, I never fully use the correct amounts

4. Mix the clay with a spoon to smooth

5. Add extra’s! To test out the mask, you can start out with Apple Cider Vinegar, water, and the powder. But I like to add a few drops of lavender essential oil, and some honey!

6. Let mixture sit for 5 minutes before painting it on your face, I prefer using a paintbrush because it is very relaxing but I will use my hands to put it on as well! Let the mask sit for around 20 minutes, or until you feel you are ready to take it off. I typically wash it off with a washcloth, be sure not to scrub too hard or you can hurt your skin.

7. After washing off the mask, it is important to rehydrate your skin with lotion. I use a natural plastic free face cream from Etsy!

Plastic Free Chapstick

This is more of a recommendation than a DIY chapstick. My favorite chapstick is the one pictured (Nudi’s Hint Of Mint Biodegradable chapstick). But here are tons of other chapsticks that, when you lose them, aren’t trashing the planet via ingredients or packaging

Vegan Balm

Life Without Plastic

More Chapstick

My favorite 100% Biodegradable mini chapsticks

Branch Out! Trying these brands are better for our lips and aren’t made of all kinds of chemicals that actually cause our lips to chap. Most conventional chapstick ingredients create a viscous cycle that constantly fuels your constant need for more. If you don’t believe me, Google it.

Cha Cha Chai Body Scrub

Scrubs are a great way to cleanse your skin from all the toxins floating around. I am huge tea drinker, and I especially love Chai tea. (Pictured left was a chai tea latte I ordered at a cafe). By using your own tea bags, you can make your own chai scrub!

**Buy organic tea leaves to ensure the best quality. 

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup of chai tea

1/2 cup of coconut oil

1 tablespoon of honey

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Mix your ingredients in a jar, or container and voila! You have your own delicious scrub that will leave you feeling fresh, and smelling amazing. You can store this for use for around 3-4 months ( if you don’t use it all by then.)

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