How Can YOU Make an Impact This Holiday Season?

With respect to climate change, the holiday season can be no exception. Everyone loves a good aesthetic on Christmas, but at what cost? Holiday’s bring great cheer, but it also brings thousands of pounds of waste into our landfills. Wrapping paper is typically used one time, and then thrown away. Trash increases by about 25% from Thanksgiving to Christmas in the United States. Sack’s once filled with toys become filled with ribbons, boxes, paper, and tape. When pushed off into landfills these products will begin to decompose and combine with bacteria to produce greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. Methane is one of the largest catalysts for climate change. Among other pollutants, methane contributes to smog and unhealthy air that WE breathe. This year, I ask that you try and ask your families about a low waste, or waste free gathering. I think this is an awesome way to start a new tradition and still have a happy holiday.

This year reduce your impact and celebrate the season without as much waste!

Here are some of my E-tips 

> Give the gift that requires no packaging… An experience! Plan a trip somewhere, book a cooking class, get movie tickets, or make a spa excursion. Let your creativity fly!

> Plan ahead when shopping-Consolidating trips saves gas, time, energy and money.

> Plant a tree! It’s estimated that 25-30 million trees are cut down for the holiday season each year…If you do buy a real tree, find out where you can recycle it! Many areas will collect the trees for mulch, or water conservation. 

> When shopping for those holiday goodies, use reusable shopping bags instead of using plastic ones provided by vendors.

> Give up Christmas cards, if you do receive them try to find a way to compost or recycle them.

> Look second hand! If someone is looking for something special you would be surprised at how much you can find just by popping in to your local thrift store. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

> Think about wrapping your presents, and whether or not it’s really necessary. If you are going to wrap your presents, save some $$$ and use old newspaper, magazines, or comics. You could even skip the wrapping and opt for a crafty DIY basket, old pillow cases, or reusable shopping bags

Keep it simple sweetie, and have a great Eco-friendly Holiday Season! Hopefully you use some of my tips and please don’t forget to share this post!


How Did I Get Here?

I had always wanted to travel. My answer to the often asked, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ was always simple. I wanted to travel and help people and some way or another I knew I was going to make it my dream to accomplish that. When I got to college and began engaging with the world for myself I realized just how insanely connected the impact everything we did was having on our beautiful planet. From brushing our teeth, to cooking and consuming food, to buying clothes, to breathing the air. I realized that one of my dreams to travel, and see the beauty of the world would be crushed if I did not try to do something about it. As a college student and a woman, I have felt powerless in my actions to prevent climate change as an individual. I have never felt so far removed from the people who are capable of creating laws, enforcing some sort of change to happen. But that is precisely why I am starting this blog site. I needed a way to push my ideas out into the world to inspire maybe just one person to open their eyes and realize that every little thing counts when it comes to our Mother Earth. I want everyone to feel like what they are doing, and how they live everyday life is contributing to the effort to control climate change. I am just learning, and growing. I am just getting started, and I am not perfect either. I know I’m young, but I want to voice to be heard.

I have a lot of hope for this page. Blessed with the ability to create something like this, regardless of how successful this becomes, I’m grateful if just one person sees and changes their actions or the way they view the world.